Clubhouse Giving Day 2024

Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for adults living with a mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing, and wellness. 

One Clubhouse member recently said, “One in 10 people in Lee County are effected by some form of mental health condition. I am one of them. I can confidently say Hope Clubhouse literally saved my life. Before I secluded myself from others and never left the house. I stopped caring for my hygiene, lost long term friendships, didn’t take medication as prescribed, and had all but given up on life. The Clubhouse changed all that. Now I come to the Clubhouse, usually 5 days per week. Here we are not defined by our illness, and its easy to socialize and make friends because there is no stigma”. 

Questions? If you have any questions, or would like more information, let us know! Contact us at [email protected] or at 239-267-1777.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and support for HOPE Clubhouse. 

Event Information

Hosting Organization

HOPE Clubhouse

Date & Time

June 4, 2024





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