Transforming Lives Forever


HOPE Clubhouse utilizes the talents and skills of each member and staff to provide educational opportunities. We provide a safe and supportive environment for our members to access their education efforts. 

We encourage members who are interested in furthering their education by obtaining their GED or attending college or technical school. 

Each unit within the Clubhouse teaches skills pertinent to that work area. For example, the Business Unit will teach skills regarding basic business skills such as Microsoft programs, typing and faxing. 


Working with local businesses, there are a number of employment opportunities for our members. We work with employment partners to help our members get ready to work regardless of where they are in their recovery.  

In spite of the many challenges facing individuals with mental illness, returning to work is the number one dream of many members with whom we support. We have been successful in helping a number of our members return to work. 

We help members obtain jobs that best suit their needs and desires. There are three employment types members can gain employment:

  • Transitional Employment
    • Staff Supported Employment
    • Entry into the workforce with unique guarantees from staff members. 
  • Supportive Employment
    • Less intensive staff support. 
    • Staff is there to be a bridge between the employment partner and the member. 
  • Independent Employment
    • Here members obtain their position all on their own. They may receive coaching from the Clubhouse, but they are ultimately responsible for their job. 
Housing Assistance

We understand that finding affordable housing has become increasingly difficult. We try to ensure that our members have access to the best service agencies available that work to provide affordable and dignified housing opportunities. 

Lack of housing often forces those in need to turn to other expensive housing options such as hospital emergency rooms, inpatient psychiatric wards and even jail out of desperation. 

Between 15 and 20 percent of HOPE Clubhouse members are wavering on homelessness on any given day. 


Wellness is one of the core values of HOPE Clubhouse.  We offer people living with mental illness the opportunities for health, friendship and socialization by assisting members in gaining access to appropriate medical care. 

We promote a work-ordered-day, otherwise known as WOD, to encourage the development of confidence and build up the self-esteem of our members.  The WOD is built around typical working hours and allows members to contribute to the Clubhouse in any manner in which they can. 

The Clubhouse provides regular social activities for its members including swimming, music walks, bowling, roller skating, movies, barbecues and so much more.  We believe that socialization helps members feel valued and respected to assist them in obtaining full recovery. 

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