History of HOPE Clubhouse and the Clubhouse Movement

The Clubhouse roots go back to 1948 with the first Clubhouse, called Fountain House, located in New York City. 

A Clubhouse is a community-based service dedicated to supporting and empowering people living with mental illness, known as Clubhouse members. Based on the Clubhouse Model of psychosocial rehabilitation, we offer a collaborative, restorative environment where Clubhouse members can recover by gaining access to opportunities for employment, socialization, education, skill development, housing and improved wellness.

HOPE Clubhouse was established 14 years ago and serves all of Southwest Florida. Within the state of Florida there are a total of 19 active Clubhouses and over 350 Clubhouses around the world. 

The Clubhouse has control over its acceptance of new members. Membership is open to anyone with a history of mental illness, unless that person poses a significant and current threat to the general safety of the Clubhouse community.


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