Join the Clubhouse Today!

At HOPE Clubhouse, our members are seen as valuable participants and are not defined by an illness label. Membership is voluntary, without time limits and open to anyone over the age of 18 with a history of mental illness (unless that person poses a threat to themselves or a safety to the Clubhouse community).

There are no clinical therapies or treatment-oriented programs here and members participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interest. Members are given access to the best community services available, including affordable and dignified housing, mental and general health services and government disability benefits.


Step One

Download the Referral Form listed below. Have your clinician complete the paperwork and have it returned to our office. You can have your clinician print the form and bring it to our office, or they can fax the completed form to 239-267-1774.

Step Two

Once your Referral Form is received we will reach out to contact you regarding scheduling your orientation date. Orientation and tours are typically scheduled for Wednesday at 3:00 PM.

Step Three

After your orientation you will receive paperwork to officially apply as a member.  You can do it at the Clubhouse or take the paperwork with you.  Your application will be processed and you will receive a phone call from someone at the Clubhouse! 

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