Hope Clubhouse of SWFL, Inc.


Wellness is one of the core values of Hope Clubhouse. We offer people living with mental illness opportunities for health, friendship, and socialization by assisting members in gaining access to appropriate primary medical care and psychiatric services. We promote a work-ordered day to encourage the development of confidence and build up the self-esteem of our members.

The positive atmosphere at Hope Clubhouse allows members to develop and nurture lasting friendships. The Clubhouse provides regular social activities for its members including swimming, music walks, camping trips, bowling, roller skating, movies, barbecues and more. We believe that socialization helps members feel valued and respected to assist them in obtaining full recovery.


In the Culinary Unit, members learn and practicing skills needed to plan a variety of meals, create budgets, shop for groceries, and prepare nutritionally rich snacks and meals. As part of the Culinary Unit there are many areas to work including a reduced price snack bar, waiting tables with food and drink, and hygiene proficiency in the preparation of meals and desserts. In addition, members of HOPE Clubhouse, will be learning how to prepare special occasional and holiday dinners. The Culinary Unit is cooks a daily lunch for our members with a small salad.


As part of our Culinary Unit we have horticulture as part of their work ordered day. Our horticulture group helps harvest organic fruit and vegetables to supply our lunches each day of the week.


HOPE Clubhouse has a robust social program. Social ideas are voted on during our ‘House Meetings’ by member vote and the day and time of the social is determined. We do events each week and then two Saturday’s a month. Members will then collect all information needed (price, location, reservations, transportation, etc) to make a sign up flyer. Every member can participate in these socials as long as space is available.

Some socials are free, but others are greatly reduced. The Clubhouse pays for 50% of the total cost of the event, making it easier for those experiencing financial hardship.