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hurricane Ian relief

Hurricane Ian relief

Sheridan’s home was devastated during hurricane Ian. Four feet of water rushed into her home destroying everything, including cherished irreplaceable memories. There is progress, but she lives moment by moment and day-by-day. Sheridan is still in shock and feels like she’s constantly on the edge of a breakdown. She struggles with severe anxiety and has difficulty going outside since the storm.

Sheridan says “I just don’t know where I would be without HOPE Clubhouse. HOPE helped make my house livable. HOPE is a blessing and a lifesaver. The energy of the staff and members is what helps sustain me and my husband”.

HOPE Clubhouse was impacted by Hurricane Ian. Members are in need of your help. All funds received will be restricted to direct hurricane Ian relief. Members needs will be addressed first. Making sure members have food, water, funds for temporary shelter, cleanup efforts, etc. Immediately following the storm HOPE Clubhouse began to distribute food and water to those in need.

There are many Hope Clubhouse members without basic needs. Making sure that members have water, food, funds for temporary shelter and help with cleanup efforts is of paramount importance. Hope Clubhouse also sustained building damage, and they have had to dispose of five refrigerators and three freezers worth of perishable items which go to help members facing food insecurities.

Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida Needs Help in Recovery Efforts from Hurricane Ian.

Thank you for all your support. Together in HOPE.


Hurricane Ian relief

Who we are

Hope Clubhouse is a Community of support for adults living with a mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing, and wellness.

We need you

The pandemic created new, or worsening, barriers for people suffering from mental illness, while simultaneously creating an entirely new segment of people struggling with mental health. Increased isolation has had devastating impacts on those who were already experiencing feelings of loneliness. Hope Clubhouse needs your support now more than ever!

Our mission

Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for adults living with a mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing and wellness. Hope Clubhouse is committed to excellence and the evidence-based Clubhouse model. The Clubhouse philosophy believes in the potential of all individuals to lead a satisfying and meaningful life and becoming employed.