Hope Clubhouse of SWFL, Inc.

Employment Partner

Our employment partnerships are critical to the employment of members. These partners work with members who are interested in re-entry into the workforce, those seeking part-time transitional employment and those seeking independent employment. Our Director of Employment is a resource both to our members and employers. Below are some of our long standing community employers that have a number of HOPE Clubhouse members working at their locations:


There are many ways in which you can help the Clubhouse. One of those ways is to Volunteer your time. We welcome volunteers and have many areas where you can reach out to our members. Simply complete the volunteer form below and email it to info@hopeclubhouse.org or bring it into the Clubhouse. We would love to have you!

Employment Partner

Sometimes there are things that the Clubhouse could greatly need, but constraints of some kind do not allow for the purchase of these materials. If you would like to purchase any item from the list below, or would like to write a check for us to purchase a specific item, please send the funds to: HOPE Clubhouse, 3602 Broadway, Ft. Myers, FL 33901


Commercial Vent Hood – $5,000

Outdoor Sink – $1,500

Off Site Storage – $1,500

Year Supply of Organic Pesticide – $774

Hydroponics Solar System – $900

VertiGrow Vertical Grow System – $6,000

Stainless Steel Sink Prep Table (3) – $1,000

5×15 Paver Block Cement Deck – $1,000

Hydroponic Chillers (3) – $2,640

160′ 4″ PVC Pipe with Fittings  – $900

Southern AG Potting Soil (2 Pallets) – $1,000