Hope Clubhouse of SWFL, Inc.

I have been a member of HOPE Clubhouse since August of 2019. It has been a great source of comfort. Having been diagnosed with a mental illness at a very young age I feel that I bring a lot of wisdom and insight to the day-to-day struggles of my fellow members. I am motivated by being there for others. I take a lot of joy in helping others get better and experiencing successes in their lives.

Before relocating to Florida I held a Class B CDL license and my School Bus license. I worked as a School Bus Driver for a Recovery High School in Beverly, Massachusetts. The students were dual diagnosed teens, and it was my job to get them to school each day safely. My job was a real challenge at times; however, I was able to meet those challenges with patience and compassion. During that time I was the legal guardian to my terminally ill nephew Jacob. His wish in life was to be as independent as possible. In this role I learned to navigate all resources available to support him in his goal. I also Fostered two children with hopes of giving them the structure in their life that they would need to succeed. I continue to check in with them and I am very proud of their accomplishments.

Sadly, I needed a change of environment after the passing of my nephew Jacob, which brought me to Florida. Now that I have found this community I want to continue helping others through the lessons I have learned both in my struggles and my successes.