Hope Clubhouse of SWFL, Inc.

Is there a charge to attend HOPE Clubhouse?

No, there is never a charge to participate in a work ordered day.

Is this a mental health facility?

Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida is a community of support for adults living with mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing and wellness.

When is new member orientation?

Orientations are set at 2:30 PM every Wednesday. Please download the Referral Form and bring a completed form with you the day of your orientation. In addition, your clinician can fax it to out office.

What can I do at the Clubhouse?

There are three units you can participate in while you attend your work ordered day. These include the business unit, horticulture unit, culinary unit.

What is a work ordered day?

Our Clubhouse is open from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM on weekdays. The Clubhouse is closed on weekends. A worked ordered day is like going to ‘work’. You will volunteer in different units that help the Clubhouse operate.

Do you do social programming?

Yes, we have socials during the week as well as two weekends per month. Past socials have included beach days, pool days, holiday socials, BBQs, SkyZone, bowling, etc. Each month we hold a meeting to discuss and make suggestions for the following month’s socials. Members and staff discuss amongst themselves and then make a decision for the following month!

Do you provide snacks and beverages?

We provide lunch daily and a meal costs $1.50 or a large salad from our own garden for $1.00. We also have a snack bar where you can purchase coffee, chips, and other beverages.

Can I bring friends or family to the Clubhouse?

No, the Clubhouse is a member only facility. We do open the Clubhouse at certain times and welcome guests from the community to visit the Clubhouse though. During our holiday socials we do allow family to attend.

How do I know if I will fit in?

We are a family here at HOPE Clubhouse. During your orientation you will get a sense of how the Clubhouse runs and meet some current members. We believe everyone will find a space that will be supportive here at the Clubhouse.

Do you provide housing?

No, we do not provide housing, but work with local agencies that work to find housing for those experiencing housing insecurity.