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Our Programs

HOPE Clubhouse is a community of people who are working toward a common goal of supporting persons living with the effects of mental illness.  Our clubhouse is a healing and mentoring environment for persons who have had their lives drastically disrupted with mental illness and need the support of others who believe that recovery is possible.  The heart of HOPE Clubhouse is the “work-ordered day” which is similar to the regular business hours of our working community.  This concept supports the idea that work-related relationships are restorative and provide the foundation for growth and individual achievement.  Participants are called members, not patients, and the focus is on their strengths, not their illness.  Members and staff  work side-by-side, as colleagues, in an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect, performing a wide variety of tasks necessary to the operation of the organization.  Members choose the units in which they work.





Offer educational opportunities for members to complete or start certificate and degree programs at academic institutions and adult education programs

Utilize the talents and skills of members and staff to
provide educational opportunities in the clubhouse

We encourage members interested in furthering their education by obtaining their GED or attending college or technical school. 



Entry or re-entry into the workforce

Part-time jobs with local employers

Diverse opportunities for job experience

On-site training and support from clubhouse staff

Support and resources to assist members in securing and
maintaining permanent employment

We are working with local businesses to secure transitional and independent employment outside of the clubhouse for members who are ready to take that next step. Transitional employment placements are structured and take place at the employer’s place of business.  These jobs are usually 15-20 hours per week and can last from six to nine months.  Members can try another job or move on to independent employment.  This employment program gives members help to apply for and acquire a job on their own.  HOPE Clubhouse will provide support and encouragement for members as long as they need it.


The clubhouse will provide evening, weekend and holiday activities.  Some of our social and recreational activities will include visiting local restaurants, attending sporting events, going to the movies, shopping and picnicking at one of Lee County’s beautiful parks.  Many of our members do not have family members to support them and the holidays are an especially lonely time.  Our clubhouse provides caring and support at a time when it is most needed.





Computer Projects

Newsletter Production



Clubhouse Orientation and Tours

Housing Program Coordination

Website Maintenance 

Part of the daily work in HOPE Clubhouse involves keeping track of its active membership.  When members are not attending, telephone calls or visits are made to the absent members.  This is an alert system for members who may be experiencing tough times and may need extra help and support.  Our newsletter production and website maintenance are important as this is the most effective way to reach our community.  HOPE Clubhouse will help members access safe and dignified housing.  This is a right of all of our members. 




Meal Planning and Preparation

Meal Service


Nutrition, Safety and Hygiene

Grocery Shopping 

HOPE Clubhouse members are learning and practicing skills needed to plan a variety of meals, make budgets, shop for groceries and prepare nutritionally sound snacks and meals.  Our members are also learning how to run a snack bar, wait tables and utilize hygiene and sanitation in the preparation of such meals.  In addition, members of Hope Clubhouse will be learning how to prepare special occasion and holiday dinners.  The Culinary Unit is an important part of our clubhouse program.

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